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Theme buttons

I've already explained my "problem" with the default MyBB buttons to Kevin. He said that I'm free to do something about it so I did. I've mearly re-colored default MyBB button set to fit the current THT community forum theme.

It would be nice if you guys would replace the current set with the set I've created, because it would basically complete the forum's theme and feel. I've also included a PSD file in case you want to do the edits yourself; image GDK was mearly edited and I don't take any credit for it.

For dummies:
I doubt this is needed, but just to be certain, here is the "installation" procedure for this set.
  1. Navigate yourself to forum's root via FTP
  2. Upload contents of "Upload" folder to root of the forum
  3. Accept any file rewriting warning that might pop-up
  4. Voila, you're done

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 147.06 KB / Downloads: 442)
Andraž Rihtar
Thanks for this!
Awesome and uploaded! Just clear your cache to see em
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
A tumblr theme with buttons. This theme has a bold title, a fabric texture that you can customize with your own colors. And your follows, Disqus Comments, ...

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