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THT intergating into Joomla 1.5
its a most asked question how to intergrate THT into joomla Huh
i gonna explane it here and now. Big Grin Cool

1. download the theme u wanna use (i use reloadedtwo)
i recollored it and such stuff. to make it more mine.

2. now open the header.tpl and remove the <MENU> from the script then save and upload the data back to ur themes folder but now in a new map called API

3. when done go to your theme manager and select api as theme.

4. login to joomla and go to main menu

add a menu button that points to wrapper enter in the wrapper url

and give the menu name services/products

6. now add these :

Client area to

F.A.Q. to

admin area (restrict the access! to normal users)

now turn joomla registration and joomla login off..

and visit your site

you can see that those new menu buttons are added
when u open one like client area
you get your tht client panel login without the menu but fits nice into the joomla site

you guys may watch what i did at

if you change the theme as you wish just recollor you can make a nice proffecional look at your joomla site without the need of remaking a complete template or make a new template from a old.
this is just a duplicate but then removed the <MENU> from the header and used the joomla wrapper for intergration.

any questions just ask. any suggestions also welcome for other users.


if its not high enough?
go to the menu link again then change the hight of the page

how do i use SSL with my THT?
if you have SSL installed for your THT url you can edit the urls in the wrappers from http:// to https:// it will be secured though SSL when someones using it!

what template is the one best for the job?
as for now its the most easy to use reloadedtwo

why do we have to upload the files back to an other folder?

if you wanna reverse the action u made without touching the files again its more easy to make a new folder then download and remake the whole file.

(ps. sorry if my english is bad i'm autistic and its not always that easy to make it without any mistakes.)

Thanks for posting this!
no problem
Not a bad idea Wink
hmm i think i might stay with heroleion unles your on right now?
i'm online right now
most of the time
u can even pm or email me and i will respond very fast
im fine thanks he has sorted everything i liked and changedit all so thansk for the offer but no thanks
ok have fun

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