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Terminate User deletes user in THT Database anyways
Well Jonny knows what I'm talking about
and already did it for my copy of THT Smile
therefor my copy of THT is v1.1.1S
S is for Special Tongue
So if you terminate a user it doesn't leave a blank account with no packages? :p
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer
How is that special. In v.1.0 we already have that. When I terminate a user, the account in tht also deleted.
No no no, you're misunderstanding.. lets say..

1. A Staff person terminates an account in WHM not through THT
-Therefor the is a "ghost" like account in the THT database
2. You go to terminate that account through THT and it doesnt let you cuz it check in WHM if the account exists, and since it doesn't THT won't let you terminate.

I told Jonny this over MSN, and he logged into my reseller account and changed a file so I could delete accounts, therefor my copy of THT is special.
I was able to terminated account that is not in WHM. One of my client transfer from cpcreator that his account no longer exist and still have an account and domain. I was able to click on the terminated user and it deleted the user. No problem at all.
I guess that Jonny needs to patch up our installations. :p
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer

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