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All Released Styles
In order to organize things a bit better around this forum ive made this post which compiles a list of current themes, links to original threads, theme status.

Green - Tested and working
Orange - Unknown, untested
Red - Tested Failed.

Released Skins are listed below the releaser. I may make this into a wiki page later. But for now.. its a forum post.

Herolien - Free Integrations. THT, MYBB, PHPBB
Hebergeur Gratuit - 1.2.3

ZzBomb - Free Integrations. THT, MYBB
TemplateMo 026 - 1.2.2, 1.2.3
TemplateMo 060 - 1.2.2, 1.2.3

MattM - Paid/Free? Integrations

Mac4THT - 1.0?

CleanBlue - 1.2.2, 1.2.3

Abstract - 1.0?

Please lemme know if you test one of them in a new version and whether or not it works. Thanks.

Ps. Its a common bug that the admin page's footers and other parts of the page do not look how they should. This is a flaw in the RSS feed. Not the theme. The effect only covers that one page.
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Halloo, I registered before but I guess I forgot it. Anyways, I was testing out your templates, mo026 and mo060. They're still orange for 1.2.3 so I assume they haven't been tested. Anyways, here's two screen shots of them appearing to work on my site and then I should still have mo026 as my default.

[Image: shoya.png]
[Image: shoya2.png]

Hopefully they turned out how you wanted them.

Sorry if the pictures are a little big.
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