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Hebergeur Gratuit series - By
I publish my new integration "Hebergeur Gratuit" (Free Hosting in French). Thanks to for agreeing to distribute these themes.

Also, please respect these conditions, there are copyrighted themes.

Quote:- Our templates are not free of law and subject to copyright and intellectual property: by downloading and using our content, you acknowledge having read our Terms and automatically you agree to abide by the conditions listed on this page:
- References to authors cannot be deleted or modified:
You must let our original copyright notices in the manner indicated on the kits with our link. Any withdrawal or modification is prohibited without our written permission. Even if it is a modified design.
- Non commercial: our kits cannot be used for commercial purposes either directly or indirectly without our written permission.

Do not make a public/private distribution of our work:
You may not reproduce or distribute our work without our written permission.

[Image: 320.jpg]

To test the theme:

To download the original files (with PSDs): (requires a signup)

To download the THT theme:

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.zip (Size: 278.99 KB / Downloads: 965)
links dead :/
I've uploaded the file as an attachment to the original post so that people don't have trouble with dead links. Awesome theme herolien Smile
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

[Image: standard.png]

that theme is wow, anyway to get it in English?
I will try to release a 100 % English template Tongue
Is there a mybb or phpbb version by anychance to go with this?
I have translated this in english, all copyrights still stand. I have included a English header psd as well.

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.zip (Size: 546.98 KB / Downloads: 657)
Nice theme

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