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I want the default THT Theme (the blue one) to be ported to a MyBB theme. I have someone to do it, but can I do this without being sued or anything? I will leave credits.

Am I allowed to do this?

Do you mean as a theme for release or for personal use? You can port it for personal use, however, we are going to kindly ask you if you would refrain from that. TheHostingTool is very easy to theme (easier than porting the default theme to mybb), so it really shouldn't give you much trouble.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

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No, I mean the default theme (the blue one) to be made into a MyBB theme. It will be for my hosting site use.

Will it be okay? I will leave the credits.
you are referring to the "Reloaded2" theme that comes default on THT correct? (the one here). Like I said, you can technically do this, but we would appreciate it alot if you did not. As I said, tht is very easy to theme, and making a new theme of your own should be no trouble at all. There are plenty of people around here to give you a hand if you are stuck aswell.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

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There are tons of great people who can make a custom MyBB theme for you. If you want a nice theme, I'd do that or go with one of the themes on MyBB's mod site and tweak it a bit.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Okay, Thanks Smile I'll probably leave my forum design as it is.
You'll have to get permission with Jonny. Last time i checked he was not allowing this however.
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