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v1.2's Admin Panel - Dashboard and System Health
If you saw my last post explaining the AdminCP Dashboard, you will see that it expanded alot and it contains much more information. Today, I will present you more portions of the Dashboard and one of the new features - The System Health Checker.

The AdminCP Dashboard
Following my last post here, I said that it came with a few new features like:

# THT Installation Overview (Version, Client Area, etc)
# Quick Links to access configurations
# THT Version Check

Today I will present you the whole list of stuff added in the dashboard, between 1.1 and 1.2.
  • THT Installation Overview
  • Quick Links
  • Version Check
  • /install Directory Check
  • Configuration File Perms Check
  • Installation Statistics

There was a big change between 1.1 and 1.2's dashboard, of course. Where are the screenshots? Let us see....

Okay. So, you can see that my install dir is there. Yes, it IS. And I'm up-to-date. Also, the version check works. As you may see, there is a diff from the screenshot. The version, instead of showing just "v1.2", it shows now "v1.2 (Up-To-Date)". Like myBB, if there is a new version, it changes to "v1.2 (Updates Avaliable)" and it will also show an annoying box. Annoying boxes rule!

Now, back to System Health
Let me see the system health! - Yes, sure. I will show you. There will be a screenshot. The system health is an initial implementation and nothing is final. If anyone has a good way to check mySQL Consistency, please tell me. I need help on this one Wink

This currently checks file perms, etc. Here is the wonderful screenshot!

More details will be given as the release approaches. Expect more screens soon!
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer
Nice it look very nice. Hope it come out soon. Smile

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