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I'd love to integrate THT with SysCP, anyone have any suggestions as to where to start?

I've taken a peek at the different tutorials and a look around SysCP's documentation/wiki and haven't found anything too promising yet.

Take a look around whm.php That has all of the methods and stuff you'll want to put into your SysCP class. Then, learn how to use the SysCP API (if applicable) and implement it accordingly.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
I would like to incorporate net2ftp here. And I am looking for help form integration. I like to integrate THT with SysCP but sometimes just hang up my self there due to language problems.
I have seen many people who want to integrate THT with sysCP, but they don’t know exactly,the procedure to be followed by them. Even me too searched for the best tutorial in this regards but didn’t come across any. Kevin had suggested best way to learn how to integrate THT with sysCP, as said by him we should really find out all the stuff required to integrate just going around whm.php. Hope this post will be helpful to many of us.
As in intergrate? What specifics?
Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder


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