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Common Issues (Read This Before Asking)
So there are a few issues that reoccur. Just check here before posting please.

Problem: some pages are not working.
Explanation: This issue is todo with the incompatiability with 5.4, we are planning on supporting this soon.
Solution: No Solution as of yet, till a later upgrade has been released.

Problem: The Text Fields are not verifying! O.o (There are red X's by all the fields)
Explanation: This issues is commonly caused by corrupted files. In this case, specifically ajax.php
Solution: Re-download THT, and overwrite files on server.

Problem: Oh my there are no images on the page!
Explanation: This is caused by an incorrect image path. Go ahead, look at the source you will see some interesting image paths. >.<
Solution: Login to /%path%/admin/ - General Settings - General Configuration - URL: (Including trailing slash). Read that part in parentheses a few times. Than make sure your URL is correct. Chances are.. you forgot the slash.

Problem: Stuck on Step 5.
Explanation: You set something up wrong >.>
Solution: Check everything. You server connection information. Your package details. Everything. The problem is there somewhere.

Problem: I want to remove the captcha

Problem: Text editor shows a rn
Solution: (Thanks to LoStIt)
1) Go to your cPanel
2) Go to PHPMyAdmin
3) Go to Databases ( Top left corner )
4) Pick the database you installed THT in
5) Go to tht_config ( Center left )
6) The 10th record should call 'tos', that's your Terms of Service, click the pencil (Edit) button
7) Remove all the 'rn' and save it
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Edited slightly and stickied Wink
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

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Wewt. Hopefully we will see fewer of these threads now... They were starting to bug me.
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I too had the first problem - "Text Fields are not verifying!". I reinstalled and THT is working fine now. I could create the user account using THT interface.
We will soon be bringout a video tutorial section if you find the written stuff a bit boring,
Please bear with us while we do the lonnng process of creating, editing and verifying these videos.

Hopefully we won't get so many support issues. Tongue
But then we won't be able to help users?
Thanks for reading my post guys!
EddiesLife247 - YouTube Producer - THT Support Team

Supporting TheHostingTool Community!

Need help, i don't mind pms but please post support questions in the general support board.
Next time someone sees these issues take a screeny so i can makes this post easier to use.
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Good post. Thank you, I just need that information
Nice post!
Please correct my nane in the last one :p

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