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Free Theme - TemplateMo 026
I did this for a user here, anyone may use it.
Menu is integrated. So super easy to edit that. Uh its a pretty basic theme. so yea enjoy.

Based off:

Here is a current demo, should be up for a while.


ALSO GET THE MYBB THEME!!! - Sorry no demo. Trust me. it matches!
Quote:1. Open the mo026-theme.xml file in any standard editor.
2. Replace all '<IMG>' (Dont include the '')
With the full path to wherever you are grabbing the templatemo026 images from. (included in the mo026-images folder.)
3. Upload and overwrite the 3 images in the images folder to ../forum/images/
4. Login to the Mybb admin area - Templates & Style - Import a Theme - Upload the local file: mo026-theme.xml
Leave all parameters as default.
5. Open the header template (mo026/header/header) Edit the menu items to your liking.
6. Change the default theme to mo026
- ISSUES: If you have any problems uploading the theme... Skip Step 2 and try again.
Once its up. Do replace all's on the Header Template, and the Style.css theme for <IMG>

Please give me credit for these. I'm doing it for the link-backs mainly. The linked site does not provide any free services or p2h, so it will not take anything away from your host.
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nice job Smile
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

[Image: standard.png]

Easier than you would think. Templates like this are made to be reimplemented. Plus THT is particularly easy to re-theme.
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thanks buddy
Perhaps ill make this a habit and make a whole bunch of free themes... lol. Its not hard at all xD
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A user requested that i create a matching mybb theme. Done! Big Grin
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The theme isn't working right. It gives me this error when I try to import it into mybb:

The following errors were encountered:

MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.
I cant figure out how you got that error... >.>

MyBB should be ver 1.6
Uh so yea. I dont know what else could cause issues.
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I just pmed you the file I was using. And I am using mybb 1.6.
and replied.
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