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Welcome to THT Community!
Welcome to THT Community!
This community is the official support forum and developing forum for TheHostingTool. This will be the main support center for the whole THT Platform.
Some of you may not know me and will think "Umm, its not Jonny. But he created THT". But I'm just here to post a welcome thread Big Grin
I will be your Style Team Leader, and I will be here to develop styles, and keep the forum clean and moderated. Warning, I actually kill spammers!

As you know, THT is will under development, but why don't start the community first? Here, we will give you the latest news about THT, some times screenshots, and sometimes even a public Beta version (Don't expect that, hehe Tongue)
And I think that Jonny is the only developer of THT, so be sure to support him, cheer him up and be patient until THT is released Big Grin

We hope that you enjoy our new community, and give us suggestions so we can grow Tongue
~Jimmie Lin, THT Lead Developer
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer
Thanks for the post while I was absent. Also BIG thanks to the dedicated work on the forum. This is excellent. I have to say, I did none of this, I only installed myBB Wink

Welcome everybody to the THT Community, as Jimmie said the script is still in development but it's very nicely working it's way through its development stages. I will be releasing images and detailed information when I feel it's suitable and ready enough to be shown.

If you've got ANY questions regarding THT big or small, make a thread reply, if it's a suggestion it may even make release.


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