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Suggestions needed for Packages Redesign
I'd like to be able to do this:
edit a client's name login & pass =).

Nice project though, i love it, if it works after you guys help me lol.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
--no edit button?--
forgot to mention: log wrong logins and tell them to the user that's logging in with the IP so he can see if he should change his pass lmao xD.
Or last IP logged in with this account: =).
- Shadows.
lol still no edit..
what i also miss is a "HIDE PACKAGE" button.
'Cause I can't only offer some packages to only 1 peop..
what also could be cool are COUPONS for less posts.
and limit packages to have a max of X clients =). <== should be that hard, just check if the var in mysql is higher than 0 => lower with 1 once someone registers =).
- Shadows.

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