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Work has started on 1.2.1!
Well, I'm here to announce that work has been started on the upcoming version of THT, 1.2.1. I have set a main purpose for this version, this is to provide extra functionality, flexibility and bug flattening to the script. This minor wont add any really new huge features but it will add many minor changes that will make THT that much simpler.

How Development is Changing
Before, prior to this version THT was developed on server, with simple file editors and testing. Now THT is using SVN to compile and develop. This means that development time can be remotely quicker, builds will be less bug free and wrong and there can be less worry that your installing the correct release. I've made some mistakes before.

So whats the new features?
Well at the minute, we're compiling lists and looking through your suggestions for things we can implement for this version. There are 2 definite features that will make it into 1.2.1. One is when the order form is completed, instead of manual login and payment, the script will log you in automatically and send you to Paypal. There will also be a complete revamped pretty ACP Packages section. This is near exact to what is seen in the nav bar editor in Look and Feel. Just for packages. This was skipped out of 1.2 due to miss of release date.

I'll be looking forward to bringing this to the community.

Jonny + THT Team
Jonny H - THT Main Developer & Founder

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