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Forced Ads - Force Header and Footer Ads on Your Users
Hi everyone, I know you are all waiting patiently for 1.2 to be finished, so in the meantime I have this for you Smile.

This plugin allows admins with root access to their server to force ads on accounts created with THT. This is not for the average user, but I have made the instructions as easy as possible.

Thanks go To KrakJoe @ for writing this wonderful script.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Install mod_layout

    Okay, first thing is first, we need mod_layout for this to work. To install mod_layout, pop open SSH as root and enter this code:
    tar xzf mod_layout-5.1.tar.gz
    cd mod_layout*
    make install

  2. Restart Apache
    Run this from terminal to restart your apache. Alternitively, use WHM Root to restart.
    apachectl restart

  3. Upload the files to your server.
    get the files from here:
    now, upload the files from the scripts folder to /scripts on your server, and the files from the tht folder to your tht includes directory.

  4. Edit the files
    open up mod-layout.conf.php and edit the values according to your details.
    save postwwwacct.php as postwwwacct and chmodd to 755
    open up the header and footer ads files and put in your desired ads.

  5. Restart Apache Again
Congratulations! All new accounts created with the plans listed will have your forced ads in them.


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