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TCom Design Reloaded
Because I felt into the mood of updating the forum design and making it more.. Attractive, I'm talking about the functionality. The design itself is attractive and I really like it - and I wanted TCom's Templates to be unique also. That's why I've edited the Profile Design and the Topic Postbit design to a different one. It was not hard work, myBB's Templating system was extremely easy for me work with. So - This is it.

Take a look at your profile and you will notice changes. Take a look at this topic postbit, you might notice something different. Take a look at the whole forum. Something is different. So I hope that you like my little changes to the forum Wink

- Jimmie
Jimmie Lin - Community Manager & THT.Next Developer

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TCom Design Reloaded - by Jimmie - 02-01-2009, 09:16 AM
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