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THT is a very good script. Opinion Poplop
08-18-2011, 03:04 PM,
THT is a very good script. Opinion Poplop
Coming from a Polish and tested your billing panel.
I really liked. I miss only such things (please enter it in the next version):
1st The introduction of language - unfortunately you can not download the plugin to enable it.
2nd The possibility of ordering multiple services on one account. Currently there is only 1 service = 1 account.
3rd The ability to change your hosting plan in a given panel użytwkonikowi. For example, użytwkonikowi not enough service-host1, I change him on the panel Host2 prez - the service automatically varies the panel DirectAdmin + THT and charged him an additional cost. Then the next payment shows him the package price for the year Host2.
4th The ability to block the account (automatically blocks wsyztskie DirectAdmin account.)
5th Inability to integrate with the panel or Platnosci.pl DotPay (some could use a plugin).

It's all for now. If you remember something is to write.
Przpraszam if something is poorly written - I do not know English well and I'm using translate.google.


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THT is a very good script. Opinion Poplop - by Poplop - 08-18-2011, 03:04 PM

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