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Collocated server for rent/lease/sale.
I was going to cancel it then take the drive to GoRACK to pick it up but the thought just occurred to me that somebody else might want to use it.

Specs: Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3220 (2.4GHz), 8GB DDR2 ECC RAM, 2 WD 640GB SATAII drives in RAID1, 100Mbps port with unmetered 2Mbps bandwidth, and 10 dedicated IPs. (It's currently running Citrix XenServer so it can be kept as is with the storage wiped or the drives can be formatted and a fresh OS installed.)

Rent: $80/month
Buy: $430 (2 months hosting FREE!) and you can take over the current collocation costs ($71/month). (Rent to own option available if you do not have the total amount available. If you do not wish to remain collocated at GoRACK you can discuss shipping arrangements with them after purchase.)
- KuJoe
I might have someone that is interested, I'll let you know.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

[Image: standard.png]

Server has been sold. Smile
- KuJoe
wow that was fast. good for you then.
Nick - TheHostingTool Staff Coordinator

[Image: standard.png]

I know, maybe I set the price to low. Sad
- KuJoe

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