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Microsoft uses linux - Matt - 09-06-2009

Hi, Recently Microsoft has heavily critisised linux for being unsecure etc...

I was just doing a trace on them, because i wondered who or if they have a host and it turns out that they do and the servers run on Linux!

Here is the proof

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Nick - 09-06-2009

thats weird cause all other microsoft sites use windows.

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Kevin - 09-06-2009

Yes, Windows Server 2008 for the rest of Microsoft. Odd.

RE: Microsoft uses linux - David - 09-06-2009

Linux is great for webservers, I couldn't imagine not having to CHMOD my files!

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Nelson - 09-06-2009

Everything I know is a lie D:
Strange, as Microsoft uses Windows for everything else...

RE: Microsoft uses linux - pkdemon - 09-06-2009

well i mean it would be hard for me to decide on linux or windows because i got use for both of them

linux i use for hosting and the windows i use for private game servers Tongue

so i mean i could use them both Big Grin

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Kevin - 09-06-2009

I actually like Windows file permissions. You get (imo) much more control over the permissions of individual files.

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Nelson - 09-07-2009

Strange, and are assigned to two different IP addresses. = Linux Server = Windows Server

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Kevin - 09-07-2009

I would guess that the linux servers don't actually serve the content but rather link the internal windows servers to DNS.

RE: Microsoft uses linux - Nick - 09-08-2009

Thats probably right Kevin, linux handles dns wayyy better than windows.