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[Problem] Error 1010 - Access Denied - andreamada - 02-20-2015

THT Version: TheHostingTool 1.3.5 Reworked
Your THT installation URL:
Browser (including version): Firefox, Chrome and IE (Latest versions)
Your Operating System: Windows 7
Server's Operating System: Linux CentOS 6 64bit (VPS)
Control Panel Type: WHM
Error: Error 1010 - Access Denied
I'm getting the following screen in the admin home page
I tried to Settings->CloudFlare Settings->Browser Integrity Check->Toggle Off but it didn't solve the issue.
Can someone help me?
Thank you.

RE: [Problem] Error 1010 - Access Denied - ronyking - 02-21-2015

Why are u using reworked version as no more support is given by its developer use the lates t version of tht

RE: [Problem] Error 1010 - Access Denied - andreamada - 02-22-2015

Because I'm using ZPanel - AutoMod Module (Reworked 1.3.5) plugin which works only with THT Reworked 1.3.5