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Dev Life. - Jimmie - 11-27-2008

I'm 11 years old everyone, if you don't know it. I'm planning to follow a Development/Programming life, basically its my specialty. But, you know how boring a developer's life is.

Brandon Farber, Invision Power Services PHP Developer Wrote:I'm a 25 year old Zend-certified PHP developer working for Invision Power Services, Inc. I like long walks on the beach....wait, no I don't. I like to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, get on the computer and code, until about 8 when I go to work and....code. Then, sometimes when I get home, I might watch a movie, but frequently I get on the computer and code some more. Yes, I have no personal life.

Yeah, this.. o_o

Anyway, back to topic. Are you a developer/programmer? If you are, tell me, how do you spend your life? Mine:

Me. Me. Jimmie. Wrote:Get up at 7.30am. Have breakfast, code a bit, go to school. On Breaks, I run to the school computer room and code some more. Then, go to classes and eventually I will distract myself and code some more, writing on my notepad. Then, go back home, have lunch and code some more. Do homework+extra stuff, code some more.
Then, after that, have dinner. Then code some more. Go to sleep.

What's yours? :p

RE: Dev Life. - Kevin - 11-27-2008

Pretty much the same as yours! Tongue Except I keep the sleeping at a minimal!

RE: Dev Life. - Jimmie - 11-27-2008

I rarely wake up early. Unless on Sundays I get up at 4.30am, code a bit then get back to sleep on 6am. then get up again at 8 Smile

RE: Dev Life. - Kevin - 11-27-2008

Me and you are so alike, it's scary. Big Grin

RE: Dev Life. - Jonny - 11-27-2008

My days vary really.

I'll give you a example thursday:
Up at 7:45am, Out of house, walk to college at 8:15. Walk home at 12:30, Dev until 2pm, get ready and set off to the girlfriend. Arive back in at about 9pm. Dev till around 11pm.

RE: Dev Life. - BradR - 11-27-2008

Yeah I second that Jonny,

Weekdays: 6am-3pm school, 3pm-4/5pm homework, 4/5pm-the rest of the night talking to girl, and running websites
Weekends: Morning websites, afternoon and rest of night girlfriend...

RE: Dev Life. - Kevin - 11-27-2008

I don't have a girlfriend... Sad yet. Tongue Then again I don't know if I'd have time! Big Grin

RE: Dev Life. - Jimmie - 11-28-2008

I have one and I'm 11 years old :p

RE: Dev Life. - Kevin - 11-28-2008

Girlfriend at 11? :O Let's hope it's not one of those skipping down the elementary school hallways relationships! Tongue

RE: Dev Life. - Zomaian - 05-25-2009

I am a developer in web design and graphics. I barly code anymore. But this is my school day:

Wake up at 6:15, take a shower and turn on my computer. I check my e-mail, my forums, my blogs, and than web-design/code. Than I got school but usually during the classes I get bored and make graphics on my laptop without paying any attention to my teacher. Than when I get home I hang out with friends for only like 1 hour and than code/design until 7pm. Than I eat dinner and post on my forums/blogs from 8pm to 11pm.