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TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - Kevin - 02-02-2013

This release includes critical CSRF security patches and you should upgrade as soon as possible. In addition to those lovely security improvements we're looking at:
  • open_basedir warnings are no longer shown
  • MySQL password validation would sometimes fail on install. No longer!
  • Support for decimal-based prices. e.g. $3.99
  • "THT Order" is now replaced with your site name on PayPal invoices.
  • PHP 5.2 is now the minimum supported version of PHP.
  • PHP 5.4 is now supported.
  • Added default navigation actions. For instance, when you click on Tickets in the client control panel navbar you'll be brought directly to the view tickets page instead of a page that asks you to choose another page.
  • Some minor, under-the-hood improvements.
Enjoy. Don't forget to delete your install directory after upgrading/installing.

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - Liam D. - 02-02-2013

Glad this didn't take a year. Tongue Nice work.

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - blair - 02-04-2013

nice.... good job!

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - Jonny - 02-04-2013

A good update to THT, well done Kevin!

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - asidbest - 02-17-2013

I need free hosting

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - Kevin - 02-21-2013


RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - Zer0 - 03-01-2013

(02-17-2013, 11:49 AM)asidbest Wrote: I need free hosting
ebay: reseller hosting

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - wiliamjcbs - 07-14-2013

Is there any other service provider?

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - camimi - 09-13-2013

Hi, is thehostingtool supports fraud prevention services? There are a few free services like FraudLabs Pro, Subuno and so on.

RE: TheHostingTool v1.2.5 - Kevin - 09-14-2013