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Unlimited Quotas - Jonny - 04-18-2009

There has been a couple of people who have reported about unlimited quotas on packages. I'm suspecting this is because WHM has changed some variables for the package names. I'll look into this.


RE: Unlimited Quotas - Rich - 04-21-2009


A quick update on this - We have tested the script on both stable and edge builds of cPanel/WHM, on root and reseller level, and we fail to replicate the problem, if anyone else has this problem, please PM me ASAP and I can work with you to resolve it.

We assume the issue was caused by quota variations in OpenVZ affecting the whole VPS - not just accounts created by THT. But let me know if that is wrong Big Grin

RE: Unlimited Quotas - KnightWolf - 06-18-2010

Hm, I noticed accounts being created with unlimited & found the cause of it too. What happens is their package name in WHM has a space in it.

While testing this software, i had used a generic package ("basic free" in whm), when accounts were created it would make them all unlimited.
Fix: Use an underscore _ so it reads "basic_free".

RE: Unlimited Quotas - KuJoe - 06-18-2010

I will update the SVN to include the message "DO NOT USE SPACES!" for the backend name when adding a package. Wink