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New Free Host? - Savage220 - 10-18-2012

Hello Everyone,

First off - I'm sorry, Yes I'm new here I have been going to some classes lately so was off the scene for awhile

Second - I am interested in starting a new free host and getting some members... Anyone interested in helping me? to clarify: Anyone who agrees to help will be an equal partner. I can pay for the server and domain

Third - If we get enough users I will register it as an LLC.

At the moment I want to start with a US server and if there is enough demand add servers in UK, DE, CA

RE: New Free Host? - Liam D. - 10-21-2012


I think I can help you if you want. Its been a while since I've been in the hosting business, so I'd love to help out new users. As long as you have the ability to pay for costs then I can help you if you wish.

I've been a free host owner before, so yeah. Wink If you want my help, PM me and let's talk. Smile

RE: New Free Host? - Bl4z3 - 10-21-2012

If you wished whom I help you for this project, me can you helped especially if you have of what paid the waiters(servers) it is brilliant. I already have to manage several Web hosts.

sorry from my English, I am French!

RE: New Free Host? - Savage220 - 10-21-2012

@Liam D. - Accepted
@Bl4z3 - Do you have a skype?

RE: New Free Host? - Bl4z3 - 10-22-2012

Yes I have Skype, or even of msn!

RE: New Free Host? - Savage220 - 10-22-2012

I prefer skype, please add me - my name is "peterkeplin"


RE: New Free Host? - Bl4z3 - 10-23-2012

All right I add to you, and connect me tomorrow!

RE: New Free Host? - Savage220 - 10-24-2012

Still waiting for you to add me, or PM me your skype name and I will add you.