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**IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Jonny - 02-10-2009

Notice your P2H didn't check after the new year? Yes, so did I.

This is because after the new year, the p2hcheck value in the config didn't get reset to 1.

To fix this for february.

  1. Log into your mySQL DB Manager (phpMyAdmin)
  2. Select your THT Database
  3. Click the little structure icon next to the table config
  4. Scroll down to the value `p2hcheck`
  5. Click the pencil and edit that value to 1

Sorry about this. Your cron should run normal for the next months. A patch will be released soon.

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Erizo - 02-10-2009

If it was 01...? Something different?

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Jonny - 02-10-2009

That's fine Erizo. Leave that.

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - BradR - 02-10-2009

Ours was set to 11... Tongue

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Kevin - 02-10-2009

That's odd. Mine was already at "1". I wonder why that happened...
nevermind, Brad apparently did it Tongue

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - crazyboy168 - 02-10-2009

my have nothing in it.

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Jonny - 02-11-2009

(02-10-2009, 08:08 PM)crazyboy168 Wrote: my have nothing in it.
If you don't use P2H that's fine.

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - crazyboy168 - 02-11-2009

I do use p2h.

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Jonny - 02-11-2009

You haven't set up the cron then.

RE: **IMPORTANT** Post2Host Check - Nick - 02-11-2009

thanks for the info jonny, although mine updated fine. Probably because i upgraded to 1.2 after the new year.