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"Sexy Black" theme =) - ReworkedScripts - 04-06-2012

I accidentally left the Google Analytics code in the theme before. This was downloaded 3 times before I replaced the file just now. Can the people who used the there with the Google Analytics code in it, please remove it so it doesn't throw off my stats, please? Its in the footer.tpl file.

Hey, I made a theme based on Blue Lust. Enjoy! =)

Aside from uploading this theme to Admin->Look and Feel->Theme Uploader, you'll need to edit includes/variables.php.

Open includes/variables.php and find:
$data = preg_replace("/%INFO%/si", INFO, $data);

After it add:
$data = preg_replace("/<SUB>/si", SUB, $data);

This will make the top of the page say the section the user is viewing.

This theme also comes with two live help icons. One for online and the other for offline. They are both in the theme's images/live-help/ directory. I also included the
font used in my logo.

RE: "Sexy Black" theme =) - kahaweb - 09-13-2012

AWESOME ! Thanks for this templates !

RE: "Sexy Black" theme =) - Chaos - 10-10-2012

Do you have a MyBB theme for this?

RE: "Sexy Black" theme =) - budhi - 11-21-2012

(10-10-2012, 08:50 PM)Chaos Wrote: Do you have a MyBB theme for this?

I have that. Click HERE if you want to see it.
And click HERE if you want it. It's just $1.50 (just for some kind of donate for me).

RE: "Sexy Black" theme =) - Kevin - 11-25-2012

Selling an adaption of someone else's work? Risky.

RE: "Sexy Black" theme =) - RH-JUNAID - 04-16-2013

Here is large screenshot

[Image: attachment.php?aid=274]

RE: "Sexy Black" theme =) - Kevin - 04-17-2013

You can click the original to enlarge it in the OP.