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Sucu-lang - Elegant Totality - 01-17-2009

Hello. I wish to obtain the following domain(s): The only problem is that I have no money, and as it looks now, won't be getting any soon. So here is my proposal:

I'm willing to do a post exchange for this domain name. For the .com I will do 7 threads, 25 posts. For the .net I will do 10 threads, 35 posts. For the .info I will do 5 threads, 15 posts.

If you are interested you may reply to this thread, or you may PM me with your thoughts.

RE: Sucu-lang - alfaleader - 01-17-2009

I don't think this is the place where you should ask this. (Look at some post2hosts, some p2h's do this)

And BTW, for a .com 25 posts??? For a .com you have to make +- 100 posts, the forum admins have to make $ out of the ads.

RE: Sucu-lang - Elegant Totality - 01-17-2009

Then where is the place to ask.

And the post count is negotiable; I was rushing to get to bed when I posted this.

RE: Sucu-lang - Nick - 01-17-2009

i might be able to get you a for 10 Threads + 40 posts(non-threads) so 50 total posts.