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Custom Portal for members (similar to tht) - jambai - 10-20-2011


We have developed a custom post to host portal for our members like the hosting tool and it is live now. I hope someone can test it and post your feedback here.

Features :

- One-stop access point
- Post Status Meter.
- Upgrade / Downgrade package once a month.
- Change Password.
- Change Primary Domain.
- Post insufficient warning msg sent on the last day of the month.
- Post requirement check done every 3rd of next month.
- Two days grace period every month.
- PM & Email Notifications.
- Auto unsuspend on post requirement completion.
- Service status overview.
- Server Load / Uptime overview.
- HTML 5 & User friendly.
- Single login for both forum / client portal.
- User activity log.
- Coupon code option.

Please signup in our forums @ and use the same login info for our portal @