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MyBB Integration - zombieguy - 07-20-2011

Hi, how do I integrate mybb into THT. So when a client signs up for a account, they will have a option to create a forum account through tht.

RE: MyBB Integration - Kevin - 07-21-2011

There is no built-in way to do this. You could possibly add some hooks to MyBB in ajax.php

RE: MyBB Integration - zombieguy - 07-23-2011

How would i do that lol :/

RE: MyBB Integration - luke - 07-26-2011

i swear to god that THT was bassed of myBB ?

RE: MyBB Integration - zombieguy - 07-29-2011

Lol luke its coding is a lot different, but when its creating a acount it looks like when someone does a quick reply in mybb. But tht is coded from strach.Smile