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domainshare - pkdemon - 06-11-2011

this is a new thing that has started and they have got an api out now for your accounts where people can make there own domain names and things all through api

i said something about this awhile back and figured i would post about it again to see if anyone has looked into it yet about adding it into THT

Quote:Dot TK DomainShare is used to register free .TK domain names for others. It's not only used by Internet hosting providers and Internet access providers to register unlimited free domain names for their customers, but also by a wide range of other software developers that use DomainShare within their applications.


* Use your own DNS servers to host .TK names.
* Unlimited number of free domains can be registered under your account.
* Domains registered under the DomainShare program do not have a minimum hits requirement. They will only expire at the actual expiration date.
* Registration of domains is done by web interface or by simple HTTPS POST API.
* Availability of easy-to-use libraries in Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP and .NET ASP.
* Dot TK is already implemented with various hosting panel and billing systems. Please check out the technical information

RE: domainshare - mwteam - 06-17-2011

ye this will be very cool if u can add domain api system

RE: domainshare - Jonny - 06-17-2011

This was in the planning stages.

We actually received API information for and tk. If this was deployed, it will be included in 2.0.