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Show your desktop! - Jimmie - 11-14-2008

Haha, this is quite popular, and I know who won't do so Tongue

Mine is quite simple.

Please do not post using img tags, or it will break the page.Also, help the dial-up users. Tongue

RE: Show your desktop! - Jonny - 11-14-2008

I thought I'd join in Wink
Also I thought I'd leave a little THT sneak peek in there. File structure Wink

RE: Show your desktop! - Jimmie - 11-15-2008

Jonny, I thought that your desktop was full of files :p When I used vista, mine was full. :p

RE: Show your desktop! - Jeoy - 02-15-2009

I have just My Computer and Firefox on my desktop but I'm too lazy to screenshot it...

RE: Show your desktop! - Jimmie - 02-15-2009

I have a new Linux theme and Desktop for a long time, and didn't upload it for lazyness. Here:

RE: Show your desktop! - Nick - 02-16-2009

I just reinstalled vista. again. so my desktop doesn't have anything on it.

RE: Show your desktop! - bubo - 02-20-2009

cool pic DodgyDodgyDodgyDodgy

RE: Show your desktop! - Nick - 04-21-2009

Well, just got a new desktop background, thought I'd share it:

[Image: 2s6ok87.png]

Like the Pic?

RE: Show your desktop! - ThePro - 04-23-2009


for some reason i cba (can't be arsed) to put a real theme and background

RE: Show your desktop! - Zomaian - 05-25-2009

This is what you get if you work on the following things:

Keep your own blog alive
Work on your designing company
Run another blog
Try to keep your forum alive
And try to code and design a gaming client in C#

[Image: eek.png]

I do not even bother anymore cleaning my desktop because when I clean it, it will be a mess again after a view days.