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TheHostingTool Statistics?
What do you guys think about a statistics platform that gathers information from TheHostingTool implementations? This is more "for fun" than anything else, but could provide some pretty interesting data. Of course, this would be completely optional and completely anonymous (although if it weren't completely anon, we could provide even cooler info). A variety of data could be collected like:
  • The number of active THT installations! I'd love to see how many people are using THT! Smile
  • If they customized (or completely changed) their theme
  • Most used server types (WHM, DA, etc)
  • Most used package types (free, p2h, paid)
  • Number of accounts, packages, servers, tickets, knowledge base articles, invoices, P2H forums, subdomains, staff accounts, etc
  • Current version of THT
  • System software (Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc)
I think this could lead to some pretty interesting information. It'd also let us see what people are using the most so we can focus our efforts. We could even graph this information for your specific THT installation if you opted to provide some kind of identifiable information (an ID of sorts).

All this information would be aggregated on our server in a database. Since nothing on the above list is really sensitive info (with the possible exception of server software and current THT version), providing a THT install-specific key to track individual installs wouldn't really be a huge breach of security. THT install-specific identifiable information, such as the aforementioned key or ID, would not be publicly available. That data would solely be used (and available) for whoever controls that specific copy of THT. And, in case you're wondering, only Jonny and I would have direct access to the raw database, as we hold root privileges on the server.

Please let me know of any suggestions or objections you have to this idea.
Kevin Mark - TheHostingTool Lead Developer
Good idea Kevin, i think it is a great idea.
Thanks for reading my post guys!
EddiesLife247 - YouTube Producer - THT Support Team

Supporting TheHostingTool Community!

Need help, i don't mind pms but please post support questions in the general support board.
its good idea.
Knowing that info would not harm anyone, and will help in further developement.

I have no problem even if the data collected is not completely anon,as long as it dont affect the security.

Also it would be exciting to know how many websites are using THT.
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Thanks to Tht for this amazing open-source script.
I think this is a good idea. The THT team can use all the info they can get to improve the script.
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This would be cool, I'd ensure to the population that the data collected in no way pertains to clients themselves or any login information and that the collection of the statistics doesn't in anyway harm the security of thehostingtool.
very good idea especially multiple web hosting account creation. Please change the limitation to 3 or 5. Thanks.
Must agree this would be a cool idea.
I like the idea, but maybe giving us the option for collecting data would be a better idea.

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