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  THT Templates: Shall we respect CSS2?
Posted by: Jimmie - 11-25-2008, 03:33 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (6)

For your information, CSS3 is out. And I (The guy that creates styles for THT, along with Jonny's Help) like to dev with CSS Level 3. Even that CSS 2.1 is the CSS Level which is supported by many browsers, and CSS 3's portions are only eaten by Mozilla Firefox and Webkit-Based Browsers (Safari, Chrome). This is a problem for me, because I want to apply fancy borders without Images, pure CSS. Bleh - You say. Its impossible. Oh not?

-moz-border-radius: 3px;
-webkit-border-radius: 3px;

Yes, -moz, -webkit stuff are really cool. THEY ARE IN CSS Level 3, so don't complain and say "That's a Browser's Special Feature" - It isn't. Its CSS Level 3, and...? I mean, IE and Opera must go with CSS's Line. If they don't, I will ignore them.

Why I'm posting this? Because, I'm trying to make improvements on THT using CSS3's border-radius, opacity and more stuff that only Firefox/WebKit can support...

So, enough readin'. Let's Vote. CSS3, or not?

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  THT on IRC!
Posted by: Jimmie - 11-14-2008, 10:31 AM - Forum: News & Updates - No Replies

Yeap, we have our own discussion IRC Channel Smile

To talk about THT, join #tht (FreeNode IRC Server)
This channel is used for support, questions and off-topic chat (Keep it at a PG Level) about THT and other stuff :p

Enjoy, and know that I'm getting stuff for the "Best of #tht" Smile

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  THT Updates
Posted by: Jimmie - 11-13-2008, 02:33 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

I just wanted the pleasure of posting something :p
Umm, just wanted to give a quick update while Jonny isn't here.

Well, basically Jonny does the job and I do the debugging and adding small stuff like "add a margin here", "add a <p> there", "use this here", "add this image there" :p

Now, the most interesting part....
The Client Area....To be revealed soon.
[Image: soontoberevealedce0.png]


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Star Dev Diary - Order Form (11/11/08)
Posted by: Jonny - 11-11-2008, 05:32 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Welcome to the first dev diary. What is it? Well the dev diaries are places I spew all my thoughts and ideas into one thread about the development of THT. I'll mostly post these in the mornings when my brain is too lazy to actually look at code. So today, I'll be doing about the:

Order Form
My idea for a order form in a script is what gave birth to THT. The order form idea was the spark for this script, It was just running around in my mind to be created. What was the idea then? Well the idea was simple. A one loading, fully JS/AJAX order form that once loaded didn't have to load again, even when creating the account. Was that achieved? Sure was. This order form, personally, is the best work myself has ever done. It flows well, I can't spot any easy bugs, unlike order forms in my previous work. It loads one, and that's just to load the order form up. All this didn't come without alot of hard work, new skills, new languages. Now I'll explain the steps.

Step One
Step one is titled "Choose Hosting". What this simply, is it's the place where you select either if your domain/subdomain and your package. Package is on the same page as domain/subdomain..Why? Well, unlike my previous work where I did the package at the start, THT includes it on the first step of the order form, with a description box including a nice slide effect for when a different package is selected. If a package isn't selected and next is tried to be clicked, then it will show a cross between back and next buttons. You'll also notice the tooltip, these tooltips are on every step minus creating and the guide the user into what every box does. Here's a preview:
[Image: steponeoy9.png]

Step Two
Step Two is titled "Terms of Service". This step is simple really and doesn't need a hefty description. It retrieves the TOS that is fully HTML welcomed and editable from the ACP and displays it on the page and makes sure the user agrees to it. If the box isn't clicked, a cross will display underneath and won't carry on. Here's a preview:
[Image: steptwoel2.png]

Step Three
Step Three is title "Client Account". This step is where the user enters all their details in for their client account. Its a very AJAX filled help form that is perfected so it doesn't have any annoying stupid bugs or doesn't work properly. It checks if the username is valid and doesn't exist, the password and confirm password are the same and valid and it checks if the email is right format but doesn't exist. It doesn't check if the email exists because I'm allowing the power to have multi accounts really, and if more than one account is made by the user, then the user would like to use the same email really. This step includes tootips on every box and explains the stage pretty well. Here's a preview, you'll notice that I deliberately got something wrong, this is because I wanted to show you the little cross at the bottom Wink. It doesn't allow Jonny because there's already an account on there with that username.
[Image: stepthreerc9.png]

Step Four
Step Four is titled "Hosting Account". This is simple because this is the area where you enter your domain/subdomain and any package type forms. So this could be your Forum Username and Forum Password for example. After this step, there's the creating account stage, doesn't really need explaining. Here's a preview of step four:
[Image: stepfourcv6.png]

Why I love it..
I simply love this piece of work. I'm trying not to be big headed here while explaining. I love this piece of work because it includes nice effects, this can be slide effects or the fade in/out between steps. This can only be given justice by using it. Also, it includes back step. This is VERY useful since when you click back on ANY step it includes all the data you entered on the previous step. So for example, if creating account was denied for any reason, you simply can browse back steps, change it, and go back to step 5.

Thanks for your time into reading this diary. I'll be looking forward to releasing this to the public. The estimated area for the release of THT is the end of November. Feedback is warmly appreciated.

Thanks alot,
Jonny H - The Main Developer for THT

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  THT Sneak Peek
Posted by: Jimmie - 11-10-2008, 03:52 PM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (7)

Every Week, we are going to post a Sneak Peek of THT, until the first public beta is released.
This week, we feature the Main Order Form and User-Frontend.

Next Week: Admin Backend Funcions

  1. First Week: User Frontend
  2. First Week BONUS: Piece of Code!
  3. Second Week: AdminCP Running THTReloaded Style

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  What is TheHostingTool?
Posted by: Jonny - 11-10-2008, 05:08 AM - Forum: News & Updates - No Replies

TheHostingTool, is a free script that is made by the original owner of cP Creator. Anyway. It's basically a free version of premium scripts like iPanel, WHMCS, ModernBill that is released to the public under a GNU-GPL license.

It has main features like:
- One loading FULLY JS/Ajax order form, once the page is loaded, no more page loads.
- Fully featured and easy to use client area
- Powerful Admin Control Panel
- Post 2 Host with all popular forum boards
- And way more. Wink

I'd go into more details about features, but not a lot have been finalised yet.

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Rainbow Welcome to THT Community!
Posted by: Jimmie - 11-09-2008, 06:31 AM - Forum: News & Updates - Replies (1)

Welcome to THT Community!
This community is the official support forum and developing forum for TheHostingTool. This will be the main support center for the whole THT Platform.
Some of you may not know me and will think "Umm, its not Jonny. But he created THT". But I'm just here to post a welcome thread Big Grin
I will be your Style Team Leader, and I will be here to develop styles, and keep the forum clean and moderated. Warning, I actually kill spammers!

As you know, THT is will under development, but why don't start the community first? Here, we will give you the latest news about THT, some times screenshots, and sometimes even a public Beta version (Don't expect that, hehe Tongue)
And I think that Jonny is the only developer of THT, so be sure to support him, cheer him up and be patient until THT is released Big Grin

We hope that you enjoy our new community, and give us suggestions so we can grow Tongue
~Jimmie Lin, THT Lead Developer

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