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Full Version: We made our first sale!
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Hey guys!

I have some exciting news (at least for myself and Rhydian), we have sold our first copy of SimBlue theme which is being sold on ShopMyBB. Hopefully there will be more sales in near future Wink

What is ShopMyBB?
ShopMyBB is a marketplace for premium plugins and graphics for very popular free forum software MyBB. Site works on the same principle as Envato's marketplaces (graphicriver, themeforest etc.) only that its solely dedicated to MyBB related premium items. For more information about ShopMyBB, visit their Info Pages.
(07-11-2010, 02:39 PM)Kevin Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations!
Thanks Kevin Big Grin
I congratulate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy for you
Congratulations to you)
glad to hear someone is succeding Smile
Keep it up, Well Done! Hope to get more success in near future.
Wonderful! Congratulations!
I am very happy for you !
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