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Full Version: VPS?
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Anyone know where one can get a high end VPS?
Wow, using the ones you advertise. Any other ones you can think of? (+Rep Anyways)
ServerComplete is my first and foremost recommendation. The quality of the servers and support is excellent. If you are on a lower budget than that, you might try, my hosting company has been using them for a long time now and they are great.
Ill recommend

They have good deals, great uptime, and good support. Only problem is they keep running out of space for all the servers people buy.. So currently are not selling to new customers. Sad
I got one before they stopped though so whatever. Tongue has awesome prices.
I recommended Server Complete because they have simply amazing support. Very fast and very helpful. Not to mention their servers are pretty great too.
(04-17-2010, 08:25 PM)KuJoe Wrote: [ -> ]Beware of FDCServers.

Lies, and even if it is like that. (I dont know) Ive had a server with them for nearing a year. Only downtime ive had was once, caused by a raid harddrive failure which they replaced and we were back online within hours. Also their support has always been quick. Admittedly the service is so good ive only had to ask for support once when i had some vps issues.
Whois doesn't lie. Wink
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