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Full Version: Best Forum Software?
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Wanted feedback for the forum software to use as I am making a P2H website.
I am a die hard SMF fan, and even a SMF coder, still working the kinks out of a plugin that has some mysql changes since 2. But i must say, after the few months of using MyBB, i must say this is far better and more efficient. SMF however has a larger developer population as you may call it. vBulletin, do not waste your money. I have a copy of vB because i run a rewards site, and a partner bought it for me. IPB, i would say is a light weight vB, yet still do not waste money. phpBB has had lot's of exploits found in earlier version's thus i do not follow it. AEF, one of our clients use it. I dont like to sound rude but it has a horrid look.
Indeed. It took me literally MONTHS of badgering before MGHQ would try MyBB. Its great!
Waiting for a few more comments. I might go with MyBB.
Ill comment some more.

IPB is GREAT, i know many wonderful forums that use it, but is a paid script so i refuse to get it. vBulletin is too bloated i dont like it. AEF kinda fails i wont even get into it. SMF is old and uses virtually no new technologies, perhaps smf 3 but i still am not a fan. PHPBB3 is a great script also ive used it in the past, has a great control panel, some great premade themes, and yea. But ultimately i still love mybb the most because it tops them all.
* mghq2 loves MyBB now
@zzbomb: What if you already own IPB?
Welll im not sure why you would already own it if your not already using it.. ^^ Unless you had a less than legal one... But anywhoo. I still like mybb more but IPB does have some nifty features and more plugins. So idk try them both. I dont have much experience with IPB...
I don't own it. I'm just asking what if you did. Money isn't an option for me.
myBB is the best. It's like vBulletin except free, and therefore it has a larger dev community.
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