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Full Version: Gue which key of mine i broke on my keyboard
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o yeah, Im typing here now and there are many key which are ticky and actually not working on my laptop becaue a full gla of milk wa pilt all over the keyboard. And who ay you dont cry over pilt milk.
"S"... thats sucks bro.
Ouch. My keyboard is crapping out too. Sad
That is pretty harsh lol. Copy and paste it from somewhere xD
Be grateful that... err... copy and put in another place combo have no... that letter in there. Utilize Ctrl + V and have that letter in your clipboard, and try to avoid that letter like I am right now, but then you'll look like an idiot. Tongue

I was missing 2 keys on my laptop,

x and D... (I used "xD" alot xD (dammit, i just did it again DSmile...

My PC has been in repair for 2 weeks, Does it REALLY take that long to get 2 keys? -.-
Well... I took mine to a PC shop and they was like, yeah we'll charge you £20 ($40ish) + Part to replace it, so I was like FU and bought the part and fixed it me self.
40 bucks?!?! :o
actually thats about $30. i don't know who's been ripping you off Jonny :/
That's way overpriced, i would never go to that place again Tongue
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