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Full Version: No THT for me...
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So my current hosting provider, 2ip, has decided to close their doors at the end of October due to a devastating attack that happened in the past week. I was on their pay-as-you-go reseller plan, meaning I paid a one-time fee, then paid to upgrade space if I needed, so now, since I will have to have a monthly reseller hosting fee, I am going to scrap my idea for the reseller. I have the domain if anyone is interested in it.

I don't suppose anyone knows of another way to have reseller hosting without 1, having my own server in my house, 2, paying a monthly fee for reseller, or 3, paying an outrageous monthly fee for a dedicated or VPS?
Yes sure,

There is package on HostWoot that offers a P2H reseller (Good Space & BW).

Also how much you offering for the domain?
enough to cover paypal fees and a little on the side, say $7?
Eh, I have kinda decided that I don't want to venture into the web hosting business anyways, too much responsibility if something fails.