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Full Version: VERSION 1.2 RELEASED!
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Today we are overjoyed to announce the release of TheHostingTool version 1.2. This release is
probably the most anticipated and major release since the creation of THT itself!

New in 1.2:

Look and Feel Center
The Look and Feel Center (LOF Center) replaces the old style chooser that was originally placed in
the Settings. There you can edit the contents of your navigation bar. Like add custom links, modify
existing ones and change the order of the links. You can also edit your CSS file as well as the header
and footer template files directly from within THT. Another function the LOF Center provides is the
option to upload a style in a zip file and have it automatically extracted into your style folder for

Paid Hosting
This was the most requested (and important) feature for 1.2. The paid hosting can be used in
conjunction with your PayPal account to sell hosting on a monthly or weekly basis. It can even
support multiple currencies. The paid hosting solution is the best way to make a profit from your
webhost. If your users do not make their payment, their accounts will automatically be suspended.

The API is still a work in progress but the base of the API shipped in 1.2 with just a few features.
This API also has yet to be fully documented on how to use it. You may be wondering how this is
gonna help or even change your THT experience. Simply put, this allows for outside applications to
interact with TheHostingTool. So, if you wanted, you could create an application that would use
this API to notify you in some fashion when a new user signs up. The possibilities can be endless.
Stay tuned for updates on this!

Suspensions (affects cPanel/WHM users only)
Before, when THT suspended users for not posting their monthly amount (p2h) it gave WHM no
suspension reason. Now it gives a reason in the following format: “Username (forumUsername):
Suspended for not posting monthly amount! (numberOfPostsMade out of requiredPosts)” Another
thing you can do that you couldn't before is suspending an account manually with a custom reason.

What kind of bugs did we squash? Thank goodness you didn't ask how many! It was too many to
count. We addressed quite a few which involved the fatal XML parser errors.

As always, we probably didn't squash every single little creepy crawler and we need your help.

Please upgrade to this new release and tell us of any bugs we missed!
Now that we have that part out of the way, let's install. First go ahead and download it. You'll
upgrade this release just like any other. Just so you know, you can only upgrade from v1.1.2, and if
you're still running an older version, you will not be able to upgrade to THT 1.2, as we don't support
cross-version upgrades. Upgrade to v1.1.2 first, or you will not be able to upgrade to 1.2.

A Message From Jonny:
I'd like to say thankyou first of all for trusting us in getting this version of THT out. It's been months since we've updated in and i'm over the moon that this is finally here, after so many hours of work. Thankyou!

Download THT 1.2 Now!
And its done! Big Grin

let the fun begin Tongue
WooHoo! Its finally done Big Grin
I thought this day would never come! Tongue

Let the bugs (if any) be squashed! Big Grin
Im glad it was finally released, but im also glad to have a quality product, not a rushed one!

I can change my signiture now! Tongue
Does this new version contain forced ads?
(09-08-2009, 02:38 PM)Ghezzo Wrote: [ -> ]Does this new version contain forced ads?

i dont think it is added but someone made a mod for the forced ads so search the forums
Forced Ads is an optional modification that is still in its beta stage and doesn't work on all servers. It also requires root.

It does, however, work great with 1.2.
I just realized, Look and Feel center is abbreviated LOF. Where does the O come from lol?
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