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Full Version: Microsoft uses linux
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Hi, Recently Microsoft has heavily critisised linux for being unsecure etc...

I was just doing a trace on them, because i wondered who or if they have a host and it turns out that they do and the servers run on Linux!

Here is the proof
thats weird cause all other microsoft sites use windows.
Yes, Windows Server 2008 for the rest of Microsoft. Odd.
Linux is great for webservers, I couldn't imagine not having to CHMOD my files!
Everything I know is a lie D:
Strange, as Microsoft uses Windows for everything else...
well i mean it would be hard for me to decide on linux or windows because i got use for both of them

linux i use for hosting and the windows i use for private game servers Tongue

so i mean i could use them both Big Grin
I actually like Windows file permissions. You get (imo) much more control over the permissions of individual files.
Strange, and are assigned to two different IP addresses. = Linux Server = Windows Server
I would guess that the linux servers don't actually serve the content but rather link the internal windows servers to DNS.
Thats probably right Kevin, linux handles dns wayyy better than windows.
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