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Full Version: Error when testing server
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Hi there.

I changed my primary domain to another server to separate the server my users, I've moved everything including the THT but to configure the server with the IP, username and the hash of WHM seems to be fine, the problem is that when you Try to give server shows me the error "Internal server error". Why is this error?

The THT is in another IP where accounts are created, the IP is set to View/Edit Server but does not work, only works if the THT is on the same server as the accounts are created.

Any help?
An Internal server error is being thrown by Apache. Check your Apache error log. It could be an Apache configuration error or PHP fatal error.
Thanks for the answer. I tried on different hosting, and I get to test server, error: internal server error.

I do not know what else to do.
(08-14-2014, 06:11 AM)Kevin Wrote: [ -> ]Check your Apache error log. It could be an Apache configuration error or PHP fatal error.
Error apache server? Or the one that is generated in the FTP?

Because I have access to the server, is another that I'm testing.
Check the error log from Apache. Or maybe the error_log file if it exists in that directory. There shouldn't be any FTP errors if the script uploaded correctly.
Do not show me the error in error_log, to test the server goes "server internal error"
The has to be an Apache error log. Go to the cPanel of the account it's running on. Should be there.
I think we have not understood, I have my main website on a server where it works well; the problem is when I move my main to another web server and hence can not connect to whm the hash from the THT but when the other server if successful this error when I moved my main web server to another.

Do not give that error should change the main web server? I looked in the panel but the error log shows nothing.
So you're moving your main website from one server to another and now THT stopped working on the new server?
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