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Full Version: VestaCP Server Plugin
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After a request made by one of our donors, Largo, I now present a new plugin for THT: VestaCP support.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the vesta.php file (attached).
2. Upload it to /path/to/tht/includes/servers/
3. Done.


None so far have been reported.


- Largo for providing the temporary test server
- The THT Team

Please do report any bugs if you find any. cURL with SSL support is needed for this plugin.

Edit (April 5, 2014) - I have been receiving reports that while the client is created in THT, it is not created in VestaCP. Make sure cURL is enabled on both servers for the plugin to function properly, and that no IP addresses or ports from both servers are blocked in either of the servers. Please report to me if the plugin does not work AFTER making sure that both of these factors are considered.
He needs changepwd function for resetting the password in THT or "Fatal error: Call to undefined method vesta::changePwd()" when using forget password Sad

public function changePwd() { }