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I am a PHP developer. I like coding only for myself mostly though. I started this coding stuff at 12 years old and am now 14, i think i have learned a lot in two years lol!

My Weekdays:
I wake up at 7:30, get ready for school and go school. I dont like doing any coding at school because that is just gay, why would you want to spend your time coding at school!!? So i get baack from school then go play something for like a hour or two then go on the computer, i check my emails and stuff and reply to any posts on forums, i then start coding if i have any coding to do. I am useally on my computer for at least 4 hours. Then when eastenders comes on i watch it and take a break from the computer. To finish the day i take a shower, sometimes a bath, and then go sleep xDD
where does homework fit in there? i have like 4 hours of homework a night, so not that much computer for me.
Well to be honest i barely get homework in Wink
i was like that, but then i started failing because i didn't do any homework. but summer starts in 2 weeks, so more time to dev then!
LOL, well i do homework when im bothered. Its useally late
once you get into high school that will change a LOT. i had a 62 in one class because i missed half the homework, but got A's on every test.
High school is basically secondary school?

I am already in there, all those essays, i dont care if its late xD

Eventually when i give it in i get a high mark. Just a few months ago i took a maths test which i didnt revise or was prepared for and i got a A, three marks off a A* xDDDD
high school in the US is grades 9-12. and here if you turn it in late you get half credit or worse. and math tests are easy. on my last Honors Geometry Test I got a 100 without even studying.
Lol xD Tongue

Here we have years 7-11
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