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Full Version: How to get on the THT IRC chat using nTalk
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Download ntalk by clicking Here or Here

Extract all the files in it to a new folder

Than open NetTalk.exe

You should see this:


Than click on [Image: ntalk2.png]
which is located here:

[Image: heree.png]

This should pop up:

[Image: ntalk3.png]

in 'IP or server name' put

than click next

Than you should see this:

[Image: ntalk4.png]

in Nick-name put your name and the rest should set it self up, than click next

than you will see this:

[Image: ntalk5.png]

there put this:

$join #tht

and than click Complete

it should connect, and than join the THT irc channel

And your all ready to chat!

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Great tutorial! Big Grin You can also use Mibbit. Tongue However if you're a serious IRCer you'll definitely want nTalk or some other application.
if you use Firefox i recommend getting the ChatZilla addon.
I'd use XChat or something, I always liked it Smile Great tutorial btw. Big Grin
well, i used to use chatzilla, but the fact it is intergrated with firefox means that if i close firefox, the ram firefox was using is still there, and it piles up, until it uses all my memory, so i just use an stand alone irc client now.