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Full Version: Free (GPL) Apache Module for forced-ads Hosting
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I don't have this integrated into THT yet, but since it's free (as in GPL) and of interest to free hosting companies, I thought I'd start a thread here.

I released the initial public version of mod_fads today:

A number of hosts have done "forced ads, pay to upgrade" setups, but unfortunately the scripts supporting forced ads have deteriorated. mod_layout has been dead for years, as has iAds (Apache 1.3 only! sheesh). There's at least one commercial script but I thought I'd whip up a GPL'd Apache module.

mod_fads allows you to force the ad(s) of your choice into the outgoing HTML of your user's pages.

Alpha release but no issues running it myself for a few days...curious to see how it fares in the wild.
Interesting work! I'll study this for future purposes. Smile +1.
Can't wait to see this in action!
(04-10-2013, 12:45 AM)Liam D. Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting work! I'll study this for future purposes. Smile +1.

Hi Liam,

i just stumble up on this forum and wonder if ever tried the mod_fads?
if yes how did it work for you? or did anyone else try it?

warm regards Birken