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Full Version: Bug Fix - TimeZones (Blank pages) - AutoMod Module
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Module: Bug Fix - TimeZones
Module Version: 1.0
For THT Version: 1.3 Reworked AND 1.3.5 Reworked
Author: Na'ven Enigma

This module fixes the issue where THT is running on PHP 5.2 and PHP doesn't recognize the internal constants for the DateTimeZone class. This was causing some pages to be blank (Namely order pages and staff accounts) because THT was hiding error messages in the compiler.php file.

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THT 1.3 Reworked edition is here! I fixed all the bugs and made lots of improvements

Many thanks in anticipation of a solution!

THT Version: THT v1.3.5
Server's Operating System: CentOS 5
Control Panel Type: Kloxo
I solved my problem by doing what I posted here: