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Full Version: Talk in 1337.
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100% 1337ness
7|-|¡§ ¡§ 7|-|€ 0|\|£¥ p£@ç€ ¡|\| 7|-|€ ƒ0|2µ|\/| \/\/|-|€|2€ ¥0µ ç@|\| §p@|\/|. |-|€|2€, ¥0µ ç@|\| 7@£|< µ§¡|\|9 £€€7'§ £@|\|9µ@9€. |2€|\/|€|\/|߀|2 70 @£\/\/@¥§ p|20\/¡þ€ @ 7|2@|\|§£@7¡0|\| (@|\|þ @ €@§¡€|2 \/€|2§¡0|\| ¡ƒ ¥0µ|2 £€€7|\|€§§ ¡§ €><瀧§¡\/€.)

50% 1337ness
7h¡§ ¡§ 7h€ 0n£¥ p£@ç€ ¡n 7h€ ƒ0rµm wh€r€ ¥0µ ç@n §p@m. H€r€, ¥0µ ç@n 7@£k µ§¡n9 £€€7'§ £@n9µ@9€. R€m€mb€r 70 @£W@¥§ pr0v¡þ€ @ 7r@n§£@7¡0n (@nþ @ €@§¡€r v€r§¡0n ¡ƒ ¥0µr £€€7n€§§ ¡§ €x瀧§¡v€.)
15% 1337ness
This is th€ only plac€ in th€ forum wh€r€ you can spam. H€r€, you can talk using l€€t's languag€. R€m€mb€r to ALWAYS provid€ a translation (and a €asi€r v€rsion if your l€€tn€ss is €xc€ssiv€.)
This is the only place in the forum where you can spam. Here, you can talk using leet's language. Remember to ALWAYS provide a translation (and a easier version if your leetness is excessive.)

[Image: leetspeakdx1.gif]
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