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Full Version: Blue Lust [CC BY-NC]
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The Blue Lust theme is "a very nice dark blue theme with excellent contrast and transparencies" (


[Image: 322481303052423screen20.png]

[Image: screensmall.jpg]


The following license applies to these themes.

THT Theme

===> DEMO <===
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MyBB theme:

==> Theme description <==
very nice job Smile
I'm very impressed, that's a great job you did there. I like how you put the Client Area, Support, and Order Form links in that box.
These links in that box are not editable via the Menu Editor: you need to edit the header.tpl Wink
Also, if you need help, just ask me via MP Wink

For the date, I added a javascript code to avoid modifications on PHP files.
Thanks Brother !
Thats a very nice work !
Perfect !
Thanks you.