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Full Version: Is good this reseller plan to use a THT
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Reseller Plan 1
$14.99 USD
30 GB Disk space
300 GB Traffic per month
Overselling enabled
Create unlimited accounts
Unlimited Parked domains
Unlimited Addon domains
Unlimited Sub domains
Unlimited Email addresses
Unlimited MySQL databases
Free 24/7 tech support
Free Fantastico installer
cPanel 11 latest version

WHM Reseller enables you to offer your own paid hosting or consolodate existing websites into one plan.
own hosting packages, powered by the theWHM (Web host manager) cPanel.
Re-sold user created in your reseller receives their own cPanel under
your reseller.
A domain name registration API is also included free with this service on

NyU Hosting Gratis con Soporte en EspaƱol
If your asking if it should work.. It should. This is a more general question.. Not really support request at all... so im going to move it to Coffee Break
its not a question, its advertising the hosting. it falls in SPAM .
(06-05-2011, 11:55 AM)hostmafia Wrote: [ -> ]its not a question, its advertising the hosting. it falls in SPAM .

um how? he's not even linking to it. If anything your signature is more spammy then his entire post.
Now now people ha.

Looks fine to run a reseller on, free hosting is pretty much guaranteed to receive abuse so make sure you monitor that closely as the 300GB could go straight out of the window. Then the next thing you know, you could be sat in a conference with your DC.

some people can always be made fool if you know how to do the marketing. lol