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Full Version: [Free Skin Integration] Not Currently Taking new Requests
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No commercial/licensed themes!
I have to be able to redistribute the themes here and/or other places or I will not convert them.

My only req is that you keep my linkback in the footer. Unless you'd like to pay me to remove that part, or just integrate the theme youself. The templates are free, im just converting them for use with THT.

Free Releases:

[Image: 026.png]
FREE Download

[Image: 060.png]
FREE Download

Other examples of my work:

Epsilon ThemeForest:
[Image: epsilona.jpg]

[Image: phenomenons.png]

[Image: globehost.png]

[Image: powerhost4u.png]

[Image: unityhost.png]

Some of these I can make availible if you message me independently.

Live Demos:
LIVE SITE - PAID using Epsilon by ThemeForest -- OFFLINE
Unity Host Live Site -- PAID -- OFFLINE
Lemme know if your using these anywhere and ill link to it.
I need THT integration, url;
You have my permission to rip the template Wink

Thanks in advance Smile
why to rip it dude, when you can give it to him....

anyway, change the red a hover color look...not to well...
Actually the template is not free, so i wont give it away.
i see , so you dont give it away, but you let him to RIP it?? that's the best business i ever heard, i can stole it from you and is legal Smile)
Ok, then you will have to deal with DMCA.
man, if you let him to RIP it, he still have to deal with DMCA ???
Nope, he (zzbomb) have my permission to Rip it and convert it to THT skin.
But NOT to redistribute it in any way or form.
So in short words, he has your permission to steal your theme, legal, and give it back. is much easier to give him a copy of your theme, he convet it for you, and than you get it back.
He has permission to convert it into a THT skin. Legally.
So there is no "stealing" involved...
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