Forum Announcement: Need help with THT?
If you have an issue with THT first do a search of the forums to see if your issue has already been dealt with. If it is a new issue please create a thread here with the following information to make it easier for us to troubleshoot and resolve you issue:

1) Description of the problem in detail including error messages and how to reproduce it.
2) A link to the site (preferably the page creating the error).
3) Which version of THT you are using if different than the current stable release.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in you waiting much longer for assistance. In most cases, with the proper information we have been able to resolve a lot of basic support issues within the first reply or 2 so providing the most detailed information in your original post will benefit you.

Lastly, we are all volunteers who do this on our time and without anything in return... but we really enjoy it! So make it easy on us because when we are sad, it reflects in our support.

So in short, pizza = better support (J/K Tongue).

Thanks! Cool